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High voltage dividers are available in the typical configuration, as shown at left, as well as an enclosed configuration, as shown at right. The advantage of the enclosed configuration is that with a proper setup, there is no exposed high voltage. This is an excellent divider when used in compact settings.

While DC dividers are appropriate for most applications, AC dividers are needed when looking at transient and ac voltages.

We can also provide enclosed safety high voltage loads. Please contact us for more information.

  For a pdf version of these specs, please click here  
  High Voltage Dividers Selection Chart  
MODELS 50kV 100kv 150kv 200kv 250kv

Part Number Definition
D= DC Divider
DC= AC & DC Divider
DS= DC Safety Divider
DCS= AC & DC Safety Divider
DCSL= AC & DC Load Safety Divider

1= 1,000: 1 Ratio
10= 10,000: 1 Ratio (Standard configuration)
100= 100,000: 1 Ratio

1000= 1,000,000: 1 Ratio
  For a pdf version of these specs, please click here  
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